yummy greens Eat your greens is a simple template based on one of the forty layouts available at layout gala. They are written by Alessandro Fulciniti - he of the "Nifty Corners" fame.

I have played with the code in TopStyle and added some navigation based on Rachel Andrew's CSS Anthology. The images are from stock.xchng and have no restrictions on their use. I have resized them in Fireworks.

I have also added comments to the HTML to indicate where each div ends. I have found it frustrating in the past to match beginnings and ends of divs when they are separated by lots of stuff so I try to remember to add this to all my web page code now.

I have tested the code in IE6 and Firefox 1.5. Despite some small rendering differences, both seemed OK at normal text size and in various zooms.

The HTML is valid 4.01 Strict and the CSS doesn't raise any issues in TopStyle's validator except for the small caps in Safari 1.0.

they're good for you



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